Morocco’s share in formal cannabis market to remain minimal despite reforms (Morocco)

Morocco’s share in formal cannabis market to remain minimal despite reforms (Morocco)

BREAKING: Morocco Unveils Legal Cannabis Production: Empowering Farmers and Fostering Economic Growth 🌍🌿

Morocco, renowned as one of the largest cannabis producers globally, has taken a momentous step forward by legalizing cannabis cultivation for medical, cosmetic, and industrial purposes. This landmark decision aims to empower farmers and diminish the influence of drug lords, while simultaneously opening new avenues for economic prosperity.

Embarking on its first legal cannabis growing season, Morocco showcases its commitment to transforming the industry. Additionally, the construction of the inaugural cannabis laboratory by Bio CANNAT COOPÉRATIVE in the Chefchaouen region signifies a significant milestone in the country’s pursuit of a thriving and regulated cannabis market.

Recognizing the potential impact, the Moroccan government envisions a brighter future for farmers and the economy. By offering increased profit shares (rising from 4% to 12%), authorities hope to entice farmers away from the illegal market.

Furthermore, the legalization of cannabis is anticipated to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), bolstering economic growth and creating sustainable employment opportunities.

While challenges lie ahead, with small farmers hesitant to shift towards formal production and concerns about competing in the international market, experts like Dr. Khalid Tinasti, a Morrocan drug expert, stress the need for dialogue and collaboration. Dr. Tinasti highlights the saturated global market dominated by major corporations and the high barriers to entry imposed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Given this, it is likely that the forecasts presented by the Moroccan government are overly optimistic. There are serious question marks as to whether the legalization of cannabis for medical, cosmetic, and industrial uses will deter the production of cannabis for illegal export and boost legitimate employment and government revenues, as the authorities hope.

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