‘It will create a police state’: Dagga Party calls cannabis bill ‘fascist’

‘It will create a police state’: Dagga Party calls cannabis bill ‘fascist’

🌿 BREAKING: Controversy Erupts Over Cannabis Legislation in South Africa!

The proposed Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, intended to accommodate medical and recreational cannabis users, has sparked intense debate within Parliament.

Jeremy Acton, of the Dagga Party, strongly criticizes its current form. He argues that the legislation deviates from the 2018 Constitutional Court ruling, potentially leading to the criminalization of individuals and severely limiting their access to the proven benefits of cannabis.

Acton also raises concerns about the concentration of regulatory authority in the hands of the Minister of Justice, suggesting the involvement of other relevant departments, such as trade and industry, as well as agriculture.

Cosatu, a prominent workers’ union, shares reservations about certain aspects of the bill. They highlight apparent contradictions that could hinder the growth of the legal cannabis industry. Cosatu emphasizes the need for careful revision to reconcile conflicting interests and establish a more cohesive regulatory framework.

While the Cannabis Traders Association, Africa expresses objections to the limitations placed on personal cannabis cultivation, arguing that they infringe upon individuals’ privacy rights and pose logistical challenges for law enforcement.

These differing viewpoints underscore the complexity of the proposed legislation and its wide-ranging impact. Staying informed is crucial as we navigate this evolving landscape in the African medical cannabis industry.

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