Progress made in hemp, cannabis sector policy

Progress made in hemp, cannabis sector policy

BREAKING📢: Significant Progress in Medicinal Cannabis Policy Development in South Africa!

Exciting developments are underway in South Africa as the government collaborates with stakeholders to shape a comprehensive policy for the hemp and cannabis sectors. The agreed regulatory reforms aim to unlock the immense potential of cannabis across African traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals, and industrial applications.

A recent Phakisa Action Lab brought together a diverse group of participants, including government representatives, business leaders, community members, traditional and Rastafari leaders, scientists, and legal experts. The lab focused on achieving policy coherence and consensus through well-defined activities across government departments.

Key reforms include a thorough review of the Medicines Act schedules, enabling cannabis cultivation for non-medicinal and industrial purposes. Efforts are also underway to explore mechanisms for removing cannabis from the Drugs Act.

These developments mark a significant step towards establishing a regulated cannabis economy, creating investment opportunities, and empowering communities across South Africa.

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The future holds promise as South Africa leads the way in the development of a thriving and inclusive cannabis industry.

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